GIS mapping services

GIS is one of many information technologies that have transformed the ways geographers conduct research and contribute to society. In the past two decades, these information technologies have had tremendous effects on research techniques specific to the discipline, as well as on the general ways in which geographers communicate and collaborate.

GIS mapping

Scanning & Raster to Vector conversion

We can scan you paper drawings into a format of your desire. We can also take you a step further. After scanning the paper drawing into a graphic file (raster image), we can then convert this image into an editable ‘vector’ image. The vector image can be any standard computer file which is commonly used by CAD programs e.g. AutoCad.

Since automatic raster to vector conversion utilities are still not perfect, most of our conversion is done manually. The raster image is used as a backdrop over which the vector drawing is constructed using the CAD tools. This manual method provides total control of layers, line types etc. and ensures maximum accuracy.

Our team of specialists guarantee quality conversion service at competitive rates. The team is headed by qualified engineers with extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise.

Since our production facility is located in India, we can provide you with rates which are very hard to beat. This does not limit us in providing prompt service,in fact there are a lot of advantages, it can provide quick turnaround time.

The basic procedure is follows:

1)Client sends us paper drawings via mail or sends us scanned drawing images via mail or electronically.

2)Paper drawings are scanned into raster images.

3)Raster images are converted into Vector images (as per client specifications)

4)Work is quality controlled

5)Final images are electronically sent back to the client for approval.

To request for a free sample job, please fill out our Services Request Form. We will get back to you upon receiving your request to do a free sample job for you.