Overseas Recruitments & Placements

India is a country rich in human resources. The proof lies in the fact that millions of Indians are successfully employed all over the world and in almost all fields. Indians have proved that they are more diligent, loyal and honest workers than from any other part of the world.

Busi-Comp Software Consultants provides businesses with cutting edge, yet pragmatic, solutions to business problems by providing:

  • placement of qualified information technology professionals
  • contract programming and consulting services
  • design & development of turnkey applications

The personnel placed, and the services provided, span the full spectrum of computer software and hardware technology from mainframes to desktop computers, with special emphasis on client/server and database applications: systems and design analysts, software engineers, systems and applications programmers, database and network administrators, technical writers, Configuration Management Specialists, trainers, Quality Assurance specialists, and all levels of manager.

There are many ways to get international jobs, further your career potential or indeed settle for long periods in another country; either for the purposes of financial security or simply to live in a totally different environment to that which you’re used to, but now feel you want to break away from.

There are companies: including those on the Internet advocating this is an easy thing to do, but they’re all lacking that one crucial element – personal commitment.

So if you think you’ve got the skills, qualifications and experience to work in an International environment – supply us with the information to confirm it and then let us do the rest !