Why Us?

India is the ideal choice because it is uniquely equipped to offer the world an attractive package of services in Software Development and the ideal place for cheap skilled personnel.

Here are a few of the advantages that it offers

  • A large pool of low cost, technically qualified personnel with a good command of English, and familiarity with international business & business methods.
  • A time -difference advantage.
  • Since India is 12 hrs ahead of the US when the US markets shut we start business hence any day to day data entry job can be sent to us at the end of the working day and can be ready for you by the morning.
  • Labour Costs
    Even a casual survey of the computers and other electronic products in the market provides an ample indication in the superior technical abilities of the resources in the South Eastern countries and India. But of special interest is the very low cost of the skilled resources there.

Direct Labour Costs (U.S $/hr)
D/E Operators

Direct Labour Costs

Indirect Labour Costs(U.S $/month)

Indirect Labour Costs

S/W Engineers

S/W Engineers

As is evident from the above tables, the savings in employing skilled manpower is much cheaper in India than in the US. To further emphasise the immense savings that is possible for a software job or for a data entry job, see the diagrams below.

comparative labour